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do you miss pillow talk?

getting the excitment back in conversation Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

IS this Day 469?

Day 469 of Quarantine Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


How has Your Family been Impacted?

How Have Families been IMPACTED? Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog



  Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

it's ok to use the f-word

  Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


Best Behavior or Binding Behavior, what's the truth?

Are you practicing a Binding Behavior? We are all living in a time of UNCERTAINTY. This gives us the time to reflect and serve ourselves and others. How are we all BEHAVING with our partners and loved ones? Click this sideeffects.com Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


How to Calculate Child Support in New York

New York laws are making calculating child support kind of tricky. Many different circumstances can affect the total payment amount. Read on to learn about child support obligations in New York, and how to calculate child support in New York in the event of a divorce.  Source: Mediation and Counseling […]


MEDIATION and counseling ARE Virtual

Prepare for the aftermath. The fear that families are unable to provide and maintain their financial responsibilities can and will put strain on the providers and their families. We are offering immediate counseling and mediation to you, via phone, or virtual sessions. Many calls have come in asking questions about […]



How will your relationship survive? Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

Fighting in front of the children?

Laura Markhap, Ph.D, reported that neurological research indicates that when children hear yelling, their stress hormones shoot up. In fact, even a sleeping infant registers loud, angry voices and experiences a rush of stress chemicals that takes some time to diminish. This biophysical reaction to stress can impact your child’s developmental growth both psychologically […]

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