The FAIR Cooperative (Professional Membership)

Family, Advocacy, Intervention and Resources to help you build your practice and increase your expertise with Marriages on the brink of divorce

Fair Cooperative


Clinicians who seek to serve their clients to the best of their knowledge and expertise know that they need to continually grow in their profession.  The field of social work, clinical practice, advocacy, is constantly evolving as society evolves. It’s important for professionals to stay on top of their field and be leaders of tomorrow. The only way to make real changes for those we serve is to have all the resources and new information at the forefront of our practice. The FAIR cooperative serves professionals by maintaining updated practice information, articles on new trends in the field, workshops and networking capabilities along with many other opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Member Benefits

  • Mentorship and lectures – (CE Credits)
  • Referral Network
  • Peer Supervision
  • Insurance Billing Assistance
  • Assist with Growing your practice
  • Technical support (Websites, SEO, Calendars, etc.)
  • Getting on google maps and other areas
  • Blogging Support
  • Support group
  • Office Space


Areas of Specialty

  • Working with couples in Conflict
  • Family conflict and interventions
  • Co-parenting & Parent Coordination
  • Divorce and the Court system
  • Divorce mediation
  • Finances and future for post-divorce
  • At home parent back in the workforce
  • Self-care for the burnout
  • Working with diverse populations


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