Questionnaire: Is it time to Divorce?

It is time to divorce

You’re here because divorce is something on your mind but your just not sure if it’s the right thing to do for you and your family.

This is just a sampling of our much more extensive evaluation that delves into every aspect of your relationship to see how you compare with others.

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  1. Have you tried to work on some of the issues to improve your marriage? If you have worked on your marriage and feel like it’s not getting better, that’s a clear sign.
  2. Do you feel either you or your spouse have emotionally checked out of the marriage? This is very common for marriage, but it’s possible to get back the connection.
  3. Have you envisioned or fantasized what life would look like without your spouse? This is definitely a flag.  You are spending time thinking about a future other than with your partner.  Not thinking about ways to resolve some of the issues in the marriage and not comfortable that anything can get any better strains the marriage.
  4. Do you feel like your spouse does not understand you? Sometimes it is just a matter of communication that has to change and improve between you and your spouse.  However, this could be a sign of something bigger.
  5. Do you feel lonely?  No one wants to feel lonely and one of the benefits of marriage is having a companion to share your life.
  6. Have you gone to marriage counseling, but nothing or little has changed?  Some try counseling one time and resign themselves to thinking that it does not work.  Not only do you have to go but it’s important to find the therapist that has chemistry with both of you.


If you have answered “YES” to most or all of these, you are absolutely on the path of divorce.  At this point it may be too late to save the marriage.  When at this stage, it is imperative to work immediately to get off this path or make the decision to Divorce.  Continuing down this path puts everyone in the family, including children, at risk of emotional abuse.

If you have answered “NO” to most or all of these, you may be contemplating Divorce but your relationship may not be at that critical point. 


The worst thing you can do is to leave your marriage in a state of limbo.  This situation is not ideal because you are living a life you don’t love.  It’s bad for your partner because they don’t have all of your love and attention.  The children, if any, are learning about relationships from you.  This can be toxic for them, causing lifetime issues.  Don’t stay in a stuck place, either RESOLVE or DISSOLVE your marriage.

Options When at a Crossroads

Wondering whether you should stay or should you go?  Are you living a lie?  Some couples are at that stage where they know there are problems in the Marriage, but they are not sure if it is bad enough to divorce.  Also, they may feel every marriage has problems and they will overcome them.  Unfortunately, when there are problems in the marriage, at some point one spouse in the marriage decides they cannot continue and would prefer to have a happy life.


Here are the options to consider when you may be contemplating divorce, before you call the divorce lawyer:

  • OPTION #1: Call us at 1-888-281-2725 or check out the closest location for a FREE consultation to help you come to a decision on whether to stay married or divorce.
  • OPTION #2:  Try out 3 week Marriage Analysis Program to help us determine if you are candidates for saving your marriage.
  • OPTION #3:  Purchase our book to either improve your relationship.
  • OPTION #4:  If you made the decision to divorce:
    • Get a free copy of our eBook Divorcing Options to help you understand your options when Divorcing
    • Call us at 1-888-281-2725 or check out the closest location for a FREE consultation to discuss the details of your Divorce options.  Dana and Don are certified for Mediation, Divorce Coaching, Divorce Financial Analysis and Collaborative Divorce.  Also, as part of their team, they have Attorneys that can litigate for you if that is the approach you would like to take.  The Attorneys we work with are collaborative in nature and will not fight at all costs.


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