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Protecting yourself from parental alienation

In a custody battle, it is common for the hurt parent to become an alienating one who bad-mouths the other parent in front of the children. This parent sometimes doesn’t realize that what they say or do can have a negative lasting effect on the child. If you feel you are a […]

How does parental alienation affect children?

When you speak poorly about your child’s other parent in front of them, the child not only begins to form a negative view aboutthat parent but also about themselves. It is important to remember that your child is half you, and half their other parent. Parental alienation can go for […]

Three Types of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation is a horrible thing that ends up being a big part of many Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

overcoming bitterness

It is normal to feel bitter after your divorce, but you cannot let that bitterness consume you and all of your energy. You need to learn how to accept the hurt you feel, and how to use that to get you to the next steps in your life. Source: Mediation […]

Feeling rejected after your divorce?

It’s normal to feel rejected after a divorce or to feel as if you’re the only one who caused the end of the relationship – but really, it takes two people to end a marriage. One works harder than the other sometimes, but it takes two. Don’t allow that self-blame […]


Women Returning to the Workforce

            For many women who were stay-at-home wives throughout their marriage that are now going through a divorce, it can be scary to think about getting back into the workforce; maybe even getting into it for the first time. Don’t worry, it’s possible, and it will only be as difficult […]


help your children deal with your divorce

           Divorce is never easy on anyone in a family, for children especially.                                                                   […]

Why did we fall in love?

Life becomes routine and sometimes you can lose track of who you both are in your relationship.  What brought you together in the first place?  Whyd did we fall in love?  Was it heart throbbing chemistry?  Was it that you looked forward to seeing each other when you were dating, […]


Why is the divorce rate so high?

Why has the divorce rate increased in the last 50 years? Is it because the love isn’t there, or maybe never was? Or is it because people – specifically women – are realizing that they will be fine on their own? 50 years ago women were mostly housewives or homemakers, while the men […]

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