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Should You Stay Or Go? Problems In My Marriage?

Are you struggling with the decision to divorce? Take our Questionnaire to help understand if your marriage can be saved. Get answers to "Should I get divorced?" Stronger than a Marriage Counselor

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Prepare For Lawyer

Are you confused and not sure what the next steps are in terms of your divorce? Our Team can help you focus your efforts and understand the different options available to you.

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Divorce Mediation and Separation

Are you feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn in terms of your decision to divorce or separate? Allow Our Team to help you get you through this difficult time and avoid litigation. NYS Child Support Calculation and Alimony Calculator

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About Us

If you are struggling with the decision whether to divorce or not, Dana and Don can help you make that decision and know it was the right one. We know firsthand how difficult the decision can be and we want to help you get out of that stuck place into a more fulfilling life.

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Because we want to help you to get through this Difficult time - 888-281-2725


Our book

Get a copy of our award-winning book "Conscious Coupling" and learn about some of the tools and techniques to help you stay off the path of divorce.

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As a child of divorce, learn about Dana's story and the reasons why she is so passionate about helping others stay out of court while helping to keep the family intact.

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Don Desroches

As a product of 2 divorces, read about Don's Story and why he is so passionate and determination to keep people out of ugly litigious divorces. Some never recover either financially or emotionally.

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