Helping Families in their time of Crisis

Divorce Mediation and Family Counseling Group

Why Choose Us For Divorce Mediation? – You never have to go to court!!  Other Reasons

We understand that this is a difficult time as you come to the realization that your marriage is over and your family is breaking apart.  You have come to this site because you believe in the process of mediation and the possibility that this is a better way than the adversarial alternative.

Divorce Mediation

Don’t spend your children’s college fund and all your retirement money on Litigation and Court Fees.  Mediate NOW, don’t wait before it gets even uglier.

We help you agree on issues such as child custody, parenting plans, child support, maintenance (alimony), equitable distribution and any other issues that may help you get past the difficult times and move on with your life.

Video Sessions Available



In addition to divorce mediation, we also offer other services to help you manage your relationship and other aspects of your life

  • Family and Couples Mediation – Service to mediate any conflict between the couple or family, such as issues relating to children, schools, activities, financials, etc.
  • Elder Care Mediation – Not sure how to handle the care of you aging parents, we can help you come to a conclusion that’s acceptable to everyone.
  • Conscious Coupling Services - Select the link to go to our web site listing all of our Conscious Coupling Services.  Our workshops and counseling services will help you become aware of the negative things in your life that may be either affecting you or your partner.  We all behave from our sub-conscious to a large degree and these services are meant to help you become aware of those negative behaviors so that you understand the work you need to do to change your programming.
  • Conscious Coupling Book – Our book, being published April 2015, helps you become self aware and aware of your partner’s values and programming.  Being aware is the first step towards change.
  •  Parenting Book – Dana authored a parenting book that helps validate and gives conceptual ideas on parenting.